SERVICES AND ASSETS UNIT          

 ♦ Asset Management
♦ Event Management
♦ Space Management
♦ Scheduled Waste Management
♦ "Non Physical" Project Management
♦ Management University's Indoor Space Rental 
♦ Management of Building Cleaning, Groundskeeping and Landscape Maintenance


♦ Contract Administration
♦ Procurement Management
♦ Management of Space Rental 
♦ Contract and Agreement Management


                                    SERVICE PROVIDED                                    

          SERVICES AND ASSETS UNIT          

1. Manage and coordinate applications for usage and change of space
2. Manage the University's internal space rental agreement to external parties
3. Manage and prepare design documents for furniture supplies under direct purchase
4.  Manage the applications for non-physical development projects under the Malaysia Plan 
 5. Manage the extension process of the Landscape Maintenance Contract, Cleaning and Cleaning of Buildings & Areas

6. Coordinate and update the University's master plan as well as all technical aspects of matters related to the University's land use 
 7. Manage and coordinate records and technical documents of related PTj assets and movable assets in accordance with Government's regulations and circulars

 8. Manage the technical requirements for the provision of venues and audio systems requested by the Faculty/Department/Applicant
 9. Manage and coordinate the landscape maintenance and groundskeeping of the University's area
10. Manage and coordinate scheduled waste disposal services and clinical/biological waste
 11. Manage and coordinate the building cleaning services within the University's area


1. Manage the open tender preparation process
2. Manage the preparation of Contract Documents and Agreements
3. Manage Variation Order or Ommision applications for Quotations and Tenders
4. Manage the Applications for Building Purchase using Government's Grant Allocation
5. Manage the preparation of Letter of Agreement Acceptance for quotations and tenders
6. Managing the Interim Payment Process for Procurement worth RM 500,001.00 and above 
 7. Manage the preparation of the Lease Agreement Document for space or building outside the University

8. Manage the appointment of physical project consultants through Direct Appointment with Ceiling Costs (LTBKS)
9. Manage the Application for Extension of Building Lease for Office Space and Student Accommodation using Internal Resource Allocation 
10. Managing Building Rental Applications for Office Space and Student Accommodation using Government's Grant Allocation Resources

11. Managing the appointment of contractors and suppliers for quotations with the value between RM 1,000.00 - RM 20,000.00 
12. Manage the process of preparing open quotations with the value between RM 20,001.00 - RM 500,000.00

 13. Review and checking of Insurance Documents, Advance Payment Bonds and Performance Bonds
14. Manage the preparation of quotation evaluation reports and work tenders
15. Managing the extension of the consultant's service period
 16. Manage project estimate and tender requests