♦ Manage the records of As-Built Drawing and building certificate records
♦ Manage engineering works (civil & structural, mechanical and electrical) of the university
♦ Prepare the University's Physical Development Progress Report for stakeholders submission
♦ Planning and manage new construction projects, renovation works and upgrading of University's infrastructure (RM20,000.01 and above)


                                    SERVICE PROVIDED                                    

1. Documents preparation and management for application of physical development projects (excluding physical equipment) for the University under the Malaysia Plan. 

2. Preparation of design (architectural, civil & structural, mechanical and electrical) including Design Drawings, Tender Drawings, Bill of Quantities (mechanical/electrical only) for new construction projects, renovation work and upgrading of University Infrastructure (RM20,000.01 and above) in addition to development allocations according to project requirements in accordance with government regulations in force (excluding Infostructure/ ICT/ Media) as follows:-

Civil  & Structural Works
♦ Earthwork
♦ Perimeter Fencing
♦ Structural & Building Work
♦ Road System Including Access Roads and Internal Roads 
♦ Drain and Drainage System (including surface drainage) 
♦ Sewage Treatment System (Sewerage)
♦ Building Water Supply System 
♦ Parking Space


Electrical Works
♦ Lighting System
♦ Energy Efficiency
♦ Generator Set (Genset)
♦ Low Voltage (LV) Work Including For The Usage of Extra Low Voltage (ELV) System and High Voltage System (HT - electrical supply system to the building)
♦ Outdoor Lighting  System (street lights and yard lights (landscape lighting))
♦ Lightning Protection System


Mechanical Works
♦ Lift / Elevator System
♦ Energy Efficiency Usage
♦ Indoor Plumbing and Sanitary Systems
♦ Fire Prevention Systems (including fire alarm systems and fire extinguishers)
♦ Air Conditioning and Ventilation System

3. Advisory services and coordination of architectural, civil & structural, mechanical, electrical and building system requirements for university physical development projects under the Implementing Agency

4. Provides advisory services on site suitability as well as architectural, civil & structural, mechanical, electrical and building system requirements for project implementation

5. Preparation of specifications and asset/inventory registration (new construction/renovation/upgrading projects involving acquisition of assets/inventory)

6. Advisory services and inspection of the existing mechanical/electrical system of a space for the purpose of improvement/upgrading the system

7. Coordination of matters related to physical development of the university with the Development Division, Ministry of Higher Education

8. Preparation of Terms of Reference for the appointment of consultants and management and monitoring of consultant work

9. Preparation of the government's need statement (need statement) for the Design and Build project

10. Preparation of department cost estimation for mechanical and electrical work project

11. Monitoring and supervision of construction site 

12. Management of project payment