♦ Assist in development management, maintenance work, damage repair/rectification and technical management, logistics and service matters at UMK Kampus Jeli.


                                   SERVICE PROVIDED                                   

1. Managing periodic maintenance of the main electrical supply system and mechanical related systems at UMK Kampus Jeli.
2. Manage and ensure spaces in the university are perfectly coordinated according to the needs of the users (Application for the Use of Space).
3. Managing renovation, upgrading and construction of other additional infrastructure/ facilities involving electrical, mechanical and civil scope up to RM20,000.00 at UMK Kampus Jeli. This include the design process, specifications preparation, quotations/tenders preparation and monitoring the contractor's work as well as the payment process.
4. Manage and ensure the cleaning services of the building and groundskeeping services within the University area are carried out perfectly.
5. Managing electrical, mechanical and civil damage maintenance works for all buildings, facilities and areas around UMK Kampus Jeli.
6. Managing the implementation of technical works related to official university's events or official programs held at UMK Kampus Jeli.